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Gonzalo de Ojeda

Gonzalo de Ojeda Eiseley

Professional Summary

October 11, 2010

Gonzalo de Ojeda Eiseley, is Economist by the Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (1966) and graduated in Diplomacy and International Relations by the Diplomatic School of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Madrid (1981).

His professional experience in the financial sector begins first as a private investor and then working as adjoin to the Director of the Stock Market Department of the Banco Industrial Fierro (Fierro Industrial Bank) of the Group of the Banco Iberico (Ibérico Bank) (Madrid,1973), as Director of Private Portfolios of Hephaistos, LLC. (Madrid,1974), Director of the Portfolios and Mutual Funds Management of Grupo Velazquez, S.A. (Velazquez Group), Madrid, branch of the British multinational Slater Walker Group, (Madrid, 1975).

In 1981, he initiates his career in the public sector as civil servant of International Relations (career diplomat) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Sate) of Spain, acting in positions as Embassy Attaché in administrative (Consul General), cultural, economic, political and diplomatic functions in diverse countries: Spain (Economic International Relations, Madrid), Nigeria (DCM, Lagos), Equatorial Guinea (Head of Spanish Cooperation, Bata), Venezuela (Consul General A., Caracas), China (Political Adviser, Beijing), Spain (Economic International Relations, Madrid), EE.UU.(Consul General, Washington, D.C.), Peru (Cultural Attaché, Lima), Spain (Adjoin to the Director of Analysis and Prevision Department, Madrid), United Arab Emirates (DCM, Abu Dhabi), France (Consul General A., Île-of-France) and Kuwait (DCM, Kuwait.)

At present, he is a Business Promoter on a freelance or partnership basis, offering his knowledge and experience in Macro Economy, Financial Analysis, Business Development, Public Administration, International Affairs, the experience gathered by residing in different locations around the world and speaking fluently Spanish, French and English.

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