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Energy is a basic human need. Without energy, everything would come to a standstill. A necessary factor in fostering human development and economic growth is a secure, affordable, reliable, clean, and sustainable energy supply. Today we face monumental challenges: global warming, the waning of natural resources, explosions in population growth, increasing energy demand, rising energy prices, and unequal distribution of energy sources. All of these factors contribute to the urgent need to transform the energy sector – which primarily relies on fossil fuels – to one that uses renewable energies and energy efficient measures.

Renewable energy is one of the key solutions to the current challenges facing the world’s energy future. Many countries already foster the production and use of renewable energy through different approaches on a political and economic level because they recognise the many benefits renewable energy provides. The current use of renewable energy, however, is still limited in spite of its vast potential. The obstacles are manifold and include: lengthy permitting procedures, import tariffs and technical barriers, insecure financing of renewable energy projects, and insufficient awareness of the opportunities for renewable energy.

This is where REDO can play a role. A major task of the Organization is to develop comprehensive solutions to the above-mentioned challenges, such as fostering all types of renewable energy and to consider various renewable energy policies at the local, regional, and national levels. In fulfilling its work, REDO takes account of specific environmental, economic, and socio-cultural conditions of its Members. The active involvement of stakeholders from the energy industry, academia, civil society, and other fields is very important for the Organization to implement successful and enduring policy solutions. Therefore, it intends to regularly consult and cooperate with organisations and networks already engaged in the field of renewable energy in order to create added value.

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