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Dr.Hossein Mohammadnabi

Hossein Mohammadnabi

Attorney at Law and board member of  “ Iran Central Bar Association “

Cell: (+98912) 113-3899   Home: (+9821) 2254-5806 Office: (+9821)2227-7873 Fax: (+9821) 2291-3282

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Lawyer , Manager and Director of  a Law office in Tehran , Board member of  “Iran Central Bar Association “ , Iran Former judge ; Ambassador ; Manager

Date Of Birth : 12-09-1950            Father’s Name : Hamzeh

Place Of Birth : Tehran, Iran         Mother’s Name : Aghdas


P.H.D  in Philosophy Of Human Behavior with an emphasis in Political Science     1999

M.A   in International Relation     1991

B.A  in Judicial Law     1976

Languages : Persian , Spanish , English , Arabic

Management and Expert Background:

1.      Judge assistant of  public prosecutor of Tehran     02-MAY-1978

2.      Assistant of  Minister Of Justice     03-JUL-1979

3.      Jury of  stock exchange     30-JUL-1980

4.      Judge and council of agricultural worker in Ministry Of Labor     01-SEP-1980

5.      Presiding  Judge of Branch No.6 Tehran Peace Court     28-JUL-1983

6.      Judge appointed as substitute of Supervisor of Public Peace Courts of Tehran     04-JAN-1985

7.      Advisor Of Deputy Of Supreme Judicial Council     02-SEP-1985/10-MAY-1987/02-JUL-1988

8.      Vice President of Iran Insurance Joint Stock Company     03-FEB-1986

9.      Judge , Advisor Of Minister Of Justice     02-FEB-1988

10.  Legal Advisor of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs     From 10-SEP-1989 to 15-JUL-1990

11.  Ambassador of Iran in Nicaragua for 4 years

12.  Ambassador of Iran in Latin America ( Guatmala )     From 16-JUL-1990 to 01-SEP-1994

13.  Lawyer and Board Member of Iran Central Bar Association(I.C.B.A)      From 06-MAY-1995 till now

14.  International Advisor Of General Investigation Organization     16-SEP-1996

15.  Chairman of International Commission of I.C.B.A     03-may-2003

16.  Former Manager and President of the Iran Hotels Corporation     07-DEC-2003

17.  Chairman of Board of Directors of Edalat Investment Company     22-DEC-2004

18.  Member of International Bar Association (I.B.A)     From 2001 till now

19.  Member of Arbitration Committee of I.B.A

20.  Member of Arbitration Committee of Latin American Countries

21.   Attorney At Law And Legal Advisor Of Iran Foreign Ministry     From 1995 till now

Sports and management Background:

1.      Player of Taj (Esteghlal) U-19 Football Club     From 1966 to 1970

2.      Player of Tehran Karate Team (Shotokan Style)     From 1974 to 1979

3.      Board Member of Tehran Football Association     From 1996 to 1999

4.      Legal and International Deputy of Tehran Football Union     From 1996 to 2007

5.      Legal Advisor and Attorney of Piroozi Football Club     From 1996 to 2000

6.      Head of Justice Board of Iran Pro-League Organizations     From 2004 to 2006

7.      Legal Advisor and international Attorney of Iran Football Federation     From 2003 till now

8.      Legal Advisor and Attorney of Esteghlal Football Club     SEP-2009

List of my Completed Books and Legal Articles and Sporting Directions:

1.      The book of Iran Football history

2.      The book of Iran Rights & Foreign Subjects Nationals

3.      The book of Total Investigation Or Inspection Asia

4.      The book of Recognition of World Inspect Organizations ( Ambodzman )

5.      The book of Parties in America

6.      The book of Related Organization to United Nations

7.      Group of Articles ( More than 50 articles ) released and published in newspapers and magazines of Iran and Foreign countries

8.      Establishing Member group of Iran Pro-League and Football Union of Iran

9.      Three books under publish: (Convention of Anti Corruption, Convention of torture Prevention, Convention of Civil Treaty Political and Civil Rights )

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