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GUST joins the GREEN Movement at 27/03/2011

The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) hosted an environmental awareness seminar conducted by Khalaf Al-Enezi, a young Kuwaiti engineer and environmental activist. The main purpose of the presentation was clear: we, as inhabitants of this Earth, must take the necessary steps to protect the environment around us.

Among the things that Eng. Al-Enezi discussed were ways to reduce fossil fuels, lower green gas emissions and increase the use of natural resources. He also put together a presentation that listed a number of goals of the green technology initiative, namely the five ‘R’s: rethink, recycle, renew, reduce and be responsible.

The crowd was introduced to numerous green initiative innovations from around the globe, including green cities and neighborhoods in China and an eco-friendly library in Singapore. There are a number of ways we can take responsibility for our surroundings, starting by rethinking the way we live and behave on a daily basis. Mr. Al-Enezi urged the crowd to strive for a lifestyle that alters the way we use the energy and natural resources available to us. The presentation concluded with Mr. Al-Enezi stating that every individual can make a difference for a better world.


The seminar was followed by a Q&A session, where a number of questions

were directed towards the presenter. Ms. Graham, an Art teacher at GUST, commended Mr. Al-Enezi for his eco work. A relevant statement, considering GUST is in the process of creating its first Global Awareness Club, slated to start recruiting members as of next fall, with Mr. Al-Enezi acting as supervisor. All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon and a great learning experience for all those in attendance.



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