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Dr.Ghadeer AlSaqabi-







Dr.Ghadeer AlSaqabi
Executive Secretary

• Undergraduate: University of Kuwait – Specialization in Political Science and Business Administration.
• English language – Bedford School
• French language – certificate from the Berlitz Language Institute.
• Executive Secretary of the Organization for the development of renewable energy REDO (June 2010 to date).
• Office of the President of the Arab Union for Kuwait Real Estate Development of the League of Arab States (February 2010 to today’s date).
• Arbitrator at the Centre for Commercial Arbitration of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
• ambassador for the Middle East (International Organization for Renewable Energy) IREO (February 2010 – June 2010).
• National Petroleum Company as public relations specialist for internal staff (2003-2010).
• Researcher in the Department of Administrative Budget for the Ministry of Health (2000-2001).
• Director of Public Relations and editor of the Journal of today’s world economy (1999-2000).
• economic editor in today’s world magazine (1996-1999).
• Member (Arbitrator) in the Commercial Arbitration Centre for the GCC.
• Member of the Board of Directors of the Trade Card, the World Trade Center WTC in New York, USA.
• Member of the Board of Directors in the Kuwaiti Public Relations Association (2008-2009).
• Member of Higher Advisory Committee for the Office of the Minister of Education to drive e-learning.
• Member of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society.
• Member of the Green Line Association environmental

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